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Cedars-Sinai Expands Services in Venice:

With a new $25,000 grant from the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Psychological Trauma Center will be able to grow its “Share and Care” program at several Los Angeles Unified School District schools, including Broadway Elementary School in Venice.

“Many families in the areas we serve struggle with economic challenges as well as battling poverty, gangs, drugs and crime,” says Suzanne Silverstein, president of the Psychological Trauma Center.  “Our goal is to help these vulnerable students improve their classroom behavior, social skills, self-esteem and resiliency to violence by supporting them to become better learners and stay in school.”

“Share and Care,” new to Broadway Elementary School, uses “art therapy and group discussions, led by an experienced therapist, to teach students new coping skills to help improve their academic performance and classroom behavior.”

For more information, call Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Psychological Trauma Center at 310.423.3506. 

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