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Holiday Cheer for Your Four-Legged Friends:

According to, “Eight out of ten dog owners buy gifts for their pet.” Here we offer you a couple of ideas for your furry friend.

Our model, Chloe, has been chew-testing this Orbee-Tuff Bulb for nearly two months. She likes chewing on it, and so far it has not succumbed to Chloe’s sharp puppy teeth. There are no little pieces scattered throughout the house as there are with most of her other toys. She also likes playing fetch with it (it does get slimy, but can be rinsed with water). According to Chloe’s behavior, this toy is definitely a keeper. It feels like very thick, but soft, plastic, and is non-toxic.

The Naughty and Nice balls are fabric balls that squeak. Though cute, it’s doubtful they’ll last as long as the “doggie-durable” Orbee. Chloe hasn’t yet had a chance to sink her teeth into them.

Chloe’s toys are courtesy of

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