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Expect minor disruptions at the beginning of the weekend. You could feel some sort of internal conflict if you’re spending the week alone. It will have to be resolved on your own, though, with no help from a third party.


You get a boost early in the weekend, which makes you feel good about things. Your friends express their worry at your spreading yourself too thin. A conflict at work threatens your peace of mind. You’ll have to engage all allies to win the war.


You are carrying a heavy load and it’s starting to weigh on you. You have to learn to share the burden. You can’t do it all alone. Take help, ask for help, invite help. If people have a problem with you they’ll say “no,” they’ll walk away – you are liked and appreciated by so many people. Never forget that.


You’re heading into your most stressful time of year. You can be there because you have to be but if your heart isn’t in it you’ll never get through it. Find a way to turn it into a less stressful time – you can find the goodness in every day if you choose to.


You must show your appreciation to those you value. You are always looking out for yourself, which is good for business but can leave you shortsighted with regard to the bigger picture. You must figure out your time better.


You can’t forget someone who meant a lot to you. You want to be free of the memory but that is proving easier said than done. Time is the great healer. You must check your motives and figure out if you’re headed in the right direction. You might be ready to bolt when the time is right.


Having it all means wanting it all. If everything you need is always just beyond your reach you aren’t getting anywhere. You don’t want to be a marketing tool. Remember to tell the truth, even with matters of the heart. Let trust grow slowly.


You have changed your life in some good, and some bad, ways. But the worst thing that can happen to you is getting burned again. Protect yourself enough that you don’t fall under again. Your success directly impacts your mood.


Just getting started has you putting out feelers to see if you’re off on the right track. Legal issues will have to be ironed out if you’re going to take your cause all the way. The satisfaction you feel deep inside will last a very long time. You are in a new phase and it feels good.


Learning how to divide up yours, mine and ours is going to be the real challenge. Focus for you is on your health. Find out what you’re doing that’s making you feel sick. You have to take care of yourself because you have to be there to take care of someone who needs you.


Express your inner world and let a heavy burden off your shoulders. There is great freedom in art and it’s the most essential element of your transformation. Don’t listen to other people about the important choices you have to make. Make them because they’re right not because they’re popular.


You won’t be yourself over the weekend but will feel a great amount of sadness. You’re not going through the easiest time right now and must take special care to lift your mood appropriately. Exercise is good; cutting out sugar is also a good idea. The longer you can last the better.

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