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Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t worry too much about the small stuff; focus instead on the big picture. What is causing a weakness in the lining? Don’t be so quick to judge the easy target. A great tip comes from someone you don’t like very much.


You stepped up in a big way and many are grateful for it. Don’t change from the outside in; change from the inside out. Purify from inside. And be careful of boundaries. Someone is looking to exploit the ones you set up. Be crystal clear where the line is.


You can’t take care of everyone. Sooner or later you have to step back and let the cards fall where they may. You are wrong in your desire to keep things quiet. The truth will always come out. Sugar coating it or smoothing out the wrinkles will only make the conflicts more obvious to see.


Observe more closely the clues underneath the screaming headlines. Journey outward and find solace in the fact that you know you were being honest, whether or not others see you that way. Have some fun over the weekend and make it last.

Leo Take the same advice you so quickly hand out to others. This world will keep on turning, regardless of what you do or say. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to be kind. All you have to do is tame your ego for five minutes. The good you put out you get back tenfold.


A confession by a close friend has you in an uncomfortable situation. You are trying to please too many people at once. You have to, at some point, step back and regard the situation with a little more care. You ought to be more willing to be protective than you have been.


In another time and place you and that person you can’t forget would have had a lovely life. But things change and the world grinds slowly. Just know that you are on the brink of making a big life decision that you’ll time to see in full color. Be careful about whom you confide in.


You have to be patient a little while longer. Your mood is lifted considerably by someone who passes you every day yet you’ve never officially met. You need to be more selective about whom you choose to spend time with. Pick and choose the best of the best.


You can’t fight it any longer, nor can you resist temptation. But beware that your choices reveal much about who you really are inside. It’s becoming almost a joke, having to deal with so many people coming at you. You need to take a step back and rethink your relationship.


You are getting a lot done but are freaking out because you don’t have enough arms nor hours in a day to get everything accomplished. You have to not put up a wall when someone wants to reach you. You don’t lose anything by playing your cards close to your vest.


You must stick it out until the majority of the work is done. You are able to contribute twice as much to deserving charities when you put your full muscle behind it. You are encouraged to keep going based on how much you are getting back. Praise feels good, doesn’t it?


You are torn in too many directions at once. You want to be loyal yet you have to be truthful. You don’t want to be shunned by a certain group but yet you can’t be blind to the obvious. It’s a transitional phase for you but you are entering the best part of your life, with benefits and money. Yippee!

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