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Letters to the Editor:

Today is Election Day, and I am submitting this letter before the results are known.

I’ve been a lifelong conservative in the tradition of Barry Goldwater, was an activist in the John Birch Society for fifteen years and am a born again Christian. I have purposely elected not to exercise my voting franchise the past twenty years, as well as today, because the elections are, by and large, selections, and rigged to the point of being a mass manipulation of the American sheeple, who couldn’t see a conspiracy if it stared them in the face. (Evidence: half the sheeple still believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.)

As far back as my college days in the late sixties and early seventies, I no longer felt at home in the Republican Party and believe to this day that we live under a one-party system in America. Nonetheless, I was happy to see the rascals get thrown out in the midterm elections of 1994.

Guess what. We were way better off when the rascals were in, before the insider Newt Gingrich sprung his contract on America. I don’t think anyone reading this would dispute that. What bothers me most is the way the oligarchy which runs this country has conned the conservatives into supporting the New World Order agenda for global government tyranny. And many of my fellow Christians have been deceived (led astray by such phony phrases as family values) into supporting war abroad, police state tactics here at home and disastrous free-trade economics. The elitist cartel of counterfeit conservatives who rule today are no different than the clique of limousine liberals who eroded our freedoms a generation ago and gave us big government and the Vietnam war; in fact, it’s the same oligarchy wearing a different label. Isn’t the power of the government much more centralized today?

I am writing to dispel the media myth that all fundamentalist and evangelical Christians are supporting Bush and Cheney and today’s GOP. Many of my fellow believers, including many hardcore right-wingers, would love to see the present regime impeached and tried for crimes against humanity. That could happen if the American sheeple would drop the divisive labels, like liberal vs. conservative, and instead unite to take our country back from these corporate conspirators. There is nothing Biblical about anything this pagan cabal is doing to our nation and the rest of the world. Neo-evangelicals are nothing more than media mouthpieces, or wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I’m a book author who has successfully predicted the outcome of every presidential selection since 1964. And today, I predict that the sheeple who vote, fickle as they are (and hypocritical because most will do nothing for their country during the next two years until it’s time to vote again), will throw the bastards out and put the rascals back in. I have to admit I’ll be glad.

Aric Zoe Leavitt

West Los Angeles

* * * *

It’s another election year and the Pico Neighborhood is underrepresented – again. Oscar de la Torre is the only Pico candidate with a sincere agenda. I believe CEPS and its endorsements continue to represent North of Montana interests – they also like “good” people of color who don’t speak out of line and “know their place.” (If you don’t know what I mean, read what Malcolm X wrote about the “house Negro” and the “field Negro.”) What’s wrong with that? What was wrong with Ronald Reagan and George Bush neglecting the poor in the 80s and attacking public institutions subsidized by our so-called “democracy”? If Santa Monica continues isolating its working class, Blacks and Latinos, and arrogantly thinking it’s a liberal city, then we’ll soon need another French Revolution to remind us that we continue to live in a political caste system.

Elias Serna

Professor, Santa Monica College

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