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Parking Info Accessible Online:

Parking. It’s enough to make one run for the hills screaming, “I will not go to downtown Santa Monica on a Saturday in December for anything!”

Well, the City of Santa Monica apparently feels your pain and, in the words of the Jackson 5, “wants you back.” The City has a new website, www.parkingspacenow.smgov. net, which gives accurate, up-to-the-second (every five seconds to be exact) parking information for downtown parking structures and beach parking lots. You can plan your visit accordingly, and head for the area with the most available spots.

Editor’s Note:

I found myself with my son downtown on Veteran’s Day Friday, something I wouldn’t have planned, and entered a structure on 4th Street. I had passed on one structure that was too far away for my son to walk, even though it did have dozens of spots available, and unfortunately ended up at a lot where the electronic sign indicated there were three spots available. Not good, I thought, especially since a few cars had turned into the lot just ahead of me. Though I had to go all the way to the roof, there were actually many more spots available than the sign had indicated.

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