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Heal the Bay’s marine education facility, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, would like to thank the Santa Monica Mirror for its support and help in promoting the November 18 reopening celebration at the Aquarium. We welcomed record numbers of visitors throughout the weekend and through the donations of those listed below, were able to showcase the Aquarium, introducing hundreds to the importance of protecting the marine life of the Santa Monica Bay. A huge thank you to the Mirror for recognizing the Aquarium’s importance as a community resource, and to the following companies, individuals and entities that donated so generously:

City of Santa Monica; California Coastal Conservancy; Ogilvy & Mather; PR1MARY COLOR; Alex Parry, Architecture Associate, City of Santa Monica; Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation: Santa Monica Pier Maintenance Department; Naylor Paints; Dion Coluso and First Response Industries; Tom Hall; David K T Shirts; Environmental Division, City of Santa Monica.

Yours for a healthy bay,

Vicki Wawerchak

Director, Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

* * * *

Our Third Street Promenade does not compare well against the Grove at the Farmer’s Market, and my wife and I have been wondering why. Several times recently we went to a movie on the Promenade and were struck by how comparatively “low class” the Promenade seems. Some of the blame for this could be placed on the homeless, perhaps the movies and shops attract a different kind of patron, and I should note that we saw NO security officers, but why does the Promenade also seem physically less welcoming? Among other things, could it be the lighting? Brighter areas make people feel safer. I’d recommend that Bayside invest in additional lighting, perhaps first as a test in a limited part of the Promenade. Anything that can be done to make the Promenade more welcoming certainly is good for its long-term competitiveness.

Lee Fischman

* * * *

One woman’s displeasure with the amount of avocado used to make guacamole will result in higher prices for all consumers who enjoy its flavor and continue to purchase it.

While some lawsuits are legitimate, there are many frivolous suits that, even if beaten in court, still require businesses to spend money resulting in higher consumer costs. Everything from access to affordable healthcare, local jobs, medical innovations and money for school are all lost to lawsuits when the legal system is abused.

A legal system where honest citizens can be fairly compensated when wronged is in our best interest. Frivolous lawsuits make a few greedy lawyers rich while the remainder of us are left paying the price.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Donin

Board Member, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Santa Monica

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