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Laura Wilde

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Finally, you are close to finishing something that you started a long time ago. Now that it’s done, you will fret no more. Just remember, finishing something that isn’t perfect is a lot better than never finishing anything because it’s not. Follow that desire you have inside for a certain place.


You have ideas that come on strong and then you must execute them. How do you begin to do that? By taking small steps towards an ultimate goal. Don’t give up just because life gets in the way – keep struggling for success. You are due for a windfall, why not give it an extra nudge?


You’re taking on a lot of extra emotions right now and fear has set in. You will be required to find something within you that will help pull you out. One bad experience can ruin your whole perception of an institution or a work place. Try to be strong and withstand the storm; it won’t last forever.


It’s time to call in help to fix the things you can’t quite fix. People get paid to solve your problems and in doing so, take a huge burden off your back. Be thankful for what you get in return. A romance is blossoming but will it be allowed? A new sun is rising in your west. Get ready to shine.

Leo You do so much yet you don’t have enough time left over for doing on your own. It’s become more time consuming, worrying after others. You must start, if you can, to prepare for your own future by getting things in order now. You look around and you feel pangs of envy. Value what you have.


You feel the clock tick-tocking down and it’s making you slightly paranoid. What if you don’t get everything done? Fear and panic can put you in an unproductive mode, one that makes you want to put your head in the sand. Now is the time to be alert and relaxed.


You are toying with the idea of relocating but you can’t quite figure out where. Your journey will take you to new and exotic locales perhaps. And isn’t it about time you spread your wings and flew out of your comfort zone? Work it, baby.


You’re going to blow the roof off the joint once you get your message straight. You’ll be hot and cold today – all over the map with too much to do once again. You are rewarded for your clever thinking skills and your sensuality, which at times is overwhelming, in a good way.


You’re ahead of the game. You can’t really work outside the box, though, but have to work within the confines of what’s been given to you. Your reach is far greater than you realize and your influence is becoming quite significant.


Don’t sweat the small stuff. The big picture is what you should be aiming for. You find yourself grateful for what you have rather than feel sad about what you don’t have. You aren’t losing the game you’re playing but you’re also cheating yourself out of happiness.


It is a significant change in feelings on your part that is causing you to reassess your life situation. You can’t alter the course of the future but you can make it better for yourself within it. You must get back to the purity of life that you long for.


You have fleeting memories of what it once was like. You’ll have to make the change eventually. Right now, you’re in a secure spot – so don’t lose it. But also, stretch a little bit. Find the time to get the important stuff done rather than leaving it all until the last minute.

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