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For those of you who are feeling out of sorts, and this too shall pass. Time seems like it’s getting shorter every day. You’re cramming too much in to a smaller amount of available space. Make room, create space. It isn’t so much what you take with you but what you leave behind that counts.


A different sort of game is inviting you to play. However far you go away, you’ll always long to return. You admire those who bring you the best news. You will be called upon to give your opinion to people who value it. Don’t cop out because you think you have nothing to say.


It takes courage to face the things you can’t. You go there in a big way, without revealing too much to the wrong people. You yearn for something wild to escape from your heart. Don’t underestimate your own voice.


You must go far before you discover what you’ve been dreaming about all this time. You give someone a gentle nudge in the right direction. You do this out of love but sometimes they misinterpret it.


Brilliance abounds. You worry that you might sometimes be too hard on a certain someone. You have to watch your power. You don’t have to let it go all at once. Hold some of it back for a greater impact later on.


Seek and ye shall find. You don’t even mind the journey you know is coming. What you do mind are the details. You have to make up a few lists to keep track of everything. There may not be anything new under the sun. New isn’t most important.


Be wary of empty promises. When someone is giving you something that seems irresistible remember the price. The cost can be quite high. So high, in fact, that it isn’t worth it. Don’t give away what you’re not yet ready to lose.


You make a connection with someone but it doesn’t exactly pay off. You waited too long before you asked the question that you need an answer for. People aren’t as predictable as you thought they were. You are glad about how things turned out but wish you had more to do with it.


The world is at your feet in some respects. You are being given a great second chance at something you once failed miserably at. You must take responsibility for the joy in your life. You are required to enjoy what you now have.


The advice you’re given seems fair enough. It’s just that it isn’t of your own making. Someone else has decided it for you. Remember what and who you are. A very nice person tries to be helpful but in the end causes more trouble. When you want something done right…


If you’re feeling frustrated at what’s not happening in your life you’re going to have to empty it all out and start over. Fill it up with good stuff. You don’t have any problems with what’s happening to a close friend or loved one but they want to involve you so you’ll have to be involved.


You make it too hard for yourself every year by not getting nor asking for the help you need. You hate feeling vulnerable and weak. But hey, it’s only your life. It’s not like you only have one or something. Plan and prioritize. Make the important stuff count more than the silliness.

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