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You need to look before you leap as the new year blooms. Your usual full steam ahead behavior might get you in hot water. Being headstrong makes you attractive to others but can also be a hindrance in getting what you want. Your directness serves you well this week.


You make someone a really great offer and they are endlessly appreciative. You are a big help to so many people. Knowing your limits will take the load off. Your ideas will be coming to fruition in due time. You get some help with a family matter.


Another fruitless endeavor has you wondering why you even bother. Frustration can be a great motivator. But it ought to have an outlet, rather than just festering inside. Your anger at a specific person might rot you from the inside out if you don’t make sure to cleanse your spirit.


A new friend brings some new ideas into your life. Do not separate yourself from what reminds you of who you are. You know you are able to communicate what’s in your heart effectively. You don’t fly without using your perfect wings. You devote a lot of time to learning this week.


Lessons learned you say. You know that your presence is much needed and is anything but dispensable. Some interlopers try to take over what has been your turf for a good, long while. When someone suggests you do something out of character don’t take it as an immediate threat.


Only an old friend will tell you what you need to hear. Rough spots abound. You’ll get through them. Keep your head up and move through it all one at a time. When you have something you really like someone is always standing around to take pot shots. Ignore them when their motivations are in question.


An energy is coming and going through you. It’s a brighter day than it ever has been so act accordingly. A perfect moment is coming wherein you will be given an opportunity to spill your heart’s contents. Do not avoid what feels slightly threatening – seize the moment.


Don’t try too hard to work things out with a stubborn friend or family member. You might have to just back off and let what will be, be. You’ll have plenty of time to work things out later. You worry about leaving someone behind but you can’t stay in one place forever. Think positively.


Every day has seemed like an uphill climb to you lately. Every morning you wake up and a whole new challenge is facing you. You tackle that one and another one is waiting in the wings. What you need is help. A team of you can take care of it all much more efficiently.


You aren’t quite getting the big picture. Where it all seems like it will be easy, it’s going to be anything but. Try really hard to communicate what is most on your mind these days. Don’t spill the beans if you’re given the opportunity to divulge a secret.


You have left your memory somewhere significant. While your life might seem like it’s been a waste in some respects, it other respects, you know you’ve done your best and your best was, in fact, good enough. Don’t let a certain someone rain on your parade.


It’s going to be a time for cleaning out and getting rid of stuff you don’t need anymore. It’s nice to give it to someone who needs it but often, we are afraid to admit that what we really have is a lot of disposable stuff. See if it can be recycled, otherwise, dump it.

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