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Corrections to Landmarks Story:

In last week’s Mirror article “Landmarks Commission Nixes Hollister Court Reconstruction,” there were several factual errors.

Hollister Court is not a contributor to the Third Street Neighborhood Historic District but is a distinct landmark on its own.

The owner of 2402 4th Street #4, Tammy Cameron, hasNOT added to the height of her front porch wall.

The Commission heard not “complaints from residents” but a complaint from one resident. The Commission did hear from one resident in support of the project. The Commission also received several letters from neighbors who were concerned about the brick wall on the porch not conforming to Landmarks guidelines.

Commissioner John Berley’s comment on the application for a Certificate of Appropriateness should have read, “A C of A should not come before the Commission after the work has been done.”

The Mirror regrets any confusion and problems that these errors may have caused to the persons involved.

For more information on this subject, please contact the Planning Commission at 310.458.8341.

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