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Your ability to handle good news is matched by your grace under pressure when you hear bad news. Watch your budget this week. You don’t want to get into a situation you can’t get out of, so make sure you have all the bases covered. Save and prepare for something larger later in the year.


Reaching a new milestone is both a blessing and a curse. You don’t quite know where to go from here but you like the way things are turning out so far. Someone you dearly love will reach out to you and you will rekindle an old relationship. Staying in the comfort zone is good enough for now.


You want to get away from the person you can’t bear to leave. It’s a natural part of life to want to be free yet want to stay close. You’ll know when it’s right to move on and discover what the world has to offer. We leave each other, we come back to each other, it’s how we learn to value what we have.


You are almost at the end of a struggle that hasn’t been much fun and hasn’t made you feel like you’ve learned anything in the past few years. Once you’re out the other side, you will feel so much better than you ever did. There are great and exciting things ahead; all you need is the right person to share them with.


When you click into doing what you are good at, which also happens to be what you love, life will exceed your wildest expectations. Pride comes before the fall. Anyone who feels strongly enough to speak their mind ought to be at least heard. What goes up must come down. Cushion the fall.


You see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s blindingly bright. You’re almost over the hump, the worst of it. You have one more life lesson to learn before you can reach the plateau. Open-mindedness will carry you further than rigid adherence to your regular routine.


Your emotions will be all over the place this week. With no clear path ahead, you fret and fuss over the small things. Remember the bigger picture – and that there is a plan for even you. It doesn’t hurt to believe it. Not believing will crush your dreams.


You can’t get out of something you’ve dug for yourself easily. You have to explain to people where you’re coming from. Keep a watch out for vampires who exist merely to sap your energy. Your time and mental energy is far too precious to let it go for so cheap.


Rewards abound if you keep giving out what you’d like to get back. Good things come to good people. Don’t ask after those who don’t give as much. The black holes will suck in everything around them and ultimately kill all life in the vicinity. Stay free of them.


You may feel like you’re all alone but in fact, there are those who care deeply for your future and your happiness. We cannot exist in a vacuum. We are not created equally. Some of us have it better than others. It’s just the fact of the matter. But if God gives you lemons, make lemonade.


When news shifts and a new light floods the horizon, you have big choices to make. Do you stay in darkness or do you let sunshine in? Light is yours to keep. Time is what you don’t have enough of. Make time to live your life, especially this week. Nothing like peace and quiet and a good book to take away the chaos.


Falling back into your habits will set you back at least a year. Remember what you came away from; you never want to go back there. Take care not to overdo in any sense. Get what you need but don’t throw away too much that you can’t get back.

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