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It takes you a while to get started but once you’re on your way nobody will able to stop you. Take a right turn when someone advises you to turn left. If you think independently you will be freer to fulfill your soul’s desire.


Taking some time out of your schedule to realize all the good that life has blessed you with this year proves a great way to shed some of the depression and anger that’s been building up for quite some time. You will read something that infuriates you.


The world is dividing up into distinct groups. It’s becoming harder to get along based on ideological differences. Try to keep the big picture in mind when getting angry about someone’s beliefs that conflict with your own. Tolerance is key to harmony in our lives.


You are panicked about the bottom line. You know you can’t possibly live up to the high assignment you’ve been given, though you do your best. You fret about stuff you can’t control. You admire people for taking the great leap forward and are about ready to do it yourself.


Once someone gets a clue about your sore spot don’t think they won’t poke you in it from time to time. Showing your weaknesses to others can be good, just make sure you can trust the listener. Too often we give away aspects of ourselves we can’t afford to. And we can never get them back.


A new age is upon us and you are ready to start taking advantage of all that is trickling down. Keep yourself frosty by never accepting that you already know everything. There is always something new to learn; there are always going to be people to talk to who have something interesting to say.


As you navigate through your own complexities, you have a mind that someone else might need your comforting ear and your soothing counsel. Make sure to give whatever is left to those friends you need in your life. The spirit of giving should be a yearlong thing.


With so much suffering all over the world it is hard, sometimes, to bathe in happiness. Yet you are about to enter a very positive phase. You have a lot left to do but so far, so good. Keep up the good vibrations and they will catch on like wildfire.


You are not ready but you have all of the tools to succeed anyway. You can fight blindfolded or cross a road with your eyes closed. You have always known where you’re going and where all of the points are. You have to work on your aim is all.


People will be trying to spread rumors and you feel agitated about making the truth come out. You have always had a good, strong voice and you know what you need to do in order to ensure your long survival. There are so many good things headed your way. Keep the doors open.


You mean well but sometimes what you’re saying gets muddled in what you’re doing. You don’t know what’s right. Keep the peace by not taking sides. Don’t get in petty arguments that sap your energy and make you a less worthy person. You don’t need to be wasting your time. Focus on what matters.


You don’t necessarily have the greatest bunk detector and you are easily fooled. You fall in love too easily and you don’t have a good sense of boundaries. You are getting a good head start and working harder than ever. When you start to feel scared about it, just back off for a time. You don’t have to get it all done right this second.

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