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Don’t assume anything. Get the facts before you make accusations. You feel glad about the movement of some people to get on with their lives. At the same time, you feel a bit of stagnation on your own. Don’t shoot for perfection. Shoot for good enough.


You have words and it seems like that’s all you have. But your words sometimes confuse those closest to you. It’s as if you need a translator to help you get your thoughts down. You’ve been waiting patiently for a big break. And you’ve found one.


You have many surprises headed your way. As big as things get for you, you must also dwell in the small worlds created by others. Don’t forget the essentials of life. You can get caught up in what’s right in front of you, what’s alluring and what is temporary. Don’t be fooled by the glitter. It isn’t gold.


It’s becoming a maddening time of year. At first, it seemed like things were beginning to slow down but now they’ve amped up all over again. Why does it seem like some people have everything while you are left with the dregs? You know that you’re lucky to have your core. You can feel secure in that truth.


You have made some friends you think might be trustworthy. But you are also aware that sometimes you can let people get too close too fast and you aren’t really so good at setting boundaries to prevent them from getting any closer. You have to at least give it a go.


Life moves in a direction that feels like it’s all one way. You have to stop it if you want it to slow down. Sometimes the clarity hits you and it feels like it’s just too much to deal with all at once. But then you take a few breaths and realize, it’s only life after all. Go with the flow because, in the end, you have no other choice.


An oasis awaits if you can just get past the desert. What makes you feel truly alive? You have almost exhausted what it is you do. You are almost ready to move on and make a major transition. You will find your peace then.


You feel pride in what you’ve accomplished, yet you feel constrained by it. Can you take the good with the bad or are you hoping that you can avoid the bad by controlling things so much? If you can only get ahead by shutting down perhaps it’s not best to get ahead.


Half of you feels like moving forward. The other half feels like you’re losing your footing. You know when you lose it it’s twice as hard to get it back. Don’t let go of the rope. Hang on tight and keep your focus. Believe a great compliment someone pays you.


You aren’t really sure which direction you want to go in but you know something must be done. If you don’t take care of yourself your body will quit on you. Make your health a priority this year. Confront your own truth. What better time than this very moment?


You’re entering a new phase. When you are free of the chains you can move around better. Your love needs an overhaul. Where you’ve been putting it, whom you’ve been giving it to – it all has to be redone. Make a new start by tossing out those who haven’t been truthful with you.


You don’t even know yet all that you’re capable of. With just a few deliberate moves you’ve found that you can go from point A to B to C without all that much trouble. That little voice sneaks in occasionally to remind you of your place but for the most part, you’ve found a secret way to deal with it. Good for you.

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