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Play it with a little more compassion. Don’t be so quick to judge others for the choices they have to make. We think we know best but in fact, we don’t know anything. People will be throwing lots of energy your way. You’ll figure out which to keep and which to deflect.


You generate a lot of good vibes in your work and home. Although the pressure never stops you’ve found a way to make it all the more bearable. Your good ideas and work ethic will be the thing that ultimately helps you achieve your dream.


Peace and love are the themes that unite you with your buddies this week. You have an ending that’s already been written but you’re not sure if you like the way it’s going. When you have those things you desperately want you feel satisfied. When you have the things you desperately need you feel grateful.


Join those who can’t take it anymore as they work themselves into a tricky situation. Your best work is still ahead of you. Things flow better when you take them one step at a time. Don’t suffer fools nor fret the small stuff. Don’t blur the lines between fantasy and reality.


You have a lot of work ahead. And some of it isn’t going to be fun. Don’t meditate on the vibes that come off of others with their own agendas. Figure out the best way to confront your enemies with class and compassion. There is diversity in your world, which is a great thing.


Someone will give you something and you won’t be sure how best to deal with it. When you see a gift as a gift you can accept it without guilt or obligation. People give things from their heart and you ought to accept and receive it from the heart.


It’s a generous time – love is in the air. You can extend only so much without feeling pushed out. You can only digest so much without getting sick and tired of the same old thing. You get a great bargain that you won’t be able to pass up.


How many times have you said something you regret? Too many times to count. Try to reel things in before you get too far off the mark. Monitor what is going out as you take things in. You won’t be feeling so frustrated for long. You won’t be getting much support for your unpopular decisions but you must follow your heart.


A new face in your life makes just enough of a shift in your daily routine as to make you question everything. Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective. What you see, when you see it and how you see it is what causes your eyes to adjust to a different level of focus.


You ask all of the right questions. You can’t help but tweak things one way and then another. You only have a few more obstacles in your way before you can coast the rest of the way. You are looking for love and support from someone who can’t give it to you. Some people don’t have room in their hearts for anyone else.


You have a lot to look forward to this year. You aren’t going to be bothered with the little details. Get entrenched with the right folks. Don’t go too far off the beaten path in your quest to find the truth. There is much light around you now which draws to you many moths. Be careful with your plane.


Make a point to get organized and neat. You will be amazed at what comes around since you’ve been putting good things out there. Your fans and friends will be supportive no matter what direction you turn in. Don’t make any decisions about your future without doing your homework and getting the research on all fronts.

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