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Park Avenue Diet Doctor To the Rich and Famous:

Dr. Jana Klauer could be a poster girl for beauty and physical fitness. At a luncheon sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Council of Loyola Marymount University held at the Hotel Casa del Mar, she shared some of her top nutrition secrets as outlined in The New York Times bestseller How the Rich Get Thin. Dr. Klauer is a New York City-based physician whose clinical expertise in nutrition, metabolic adaptation to exercise and biology of body fat regulation has made her one of the leading authorities in her field.

Dr. Klauer’s talk covered four topics and following is a very brief summary:

1. Eating Strategies: Schedule meals every four hours and include a protein food each time. The mid-afternoon snack is essential to keep your energy level high.

2. Food: Your biggest enemy is sugar, so out with the sodas, cookies, cake, candy, pretzels, canned soups and green tea drinks. Drink real green tea and buy yogurt that is sugar free. A diet rich in protein, fruits and vegetables will put you on the right weight-loss track. And, don’t forget to include fish at least twice a week, eat lots of berries, especially blueberries, and drink two to three quarts of water daily. Coffee is okay, but make sure it is pure, and do reasonably indulge in dark chocolate and red wine. Dr. Klauer suggests that you ask this question before eating: “What value does this food have to my magnificent body?”

3. Exercise: Many former physical activities were replaced by the Technological Revolution, so it is imperative to exercise at least one hour a day. Walking counts!

4. Sleep: We need seven to eight hours so that our bodies can repair themselves. Says Dr. Klauer, “If you’re using an alarm clock to awaken you, you are not getting enough sleep.”

Regarding supplements, “If you are eating a well-rounded diet, you don’t need supplements except for Omega 3 capsules and calcium.” This diet guru urges everyone to check Consumer Reports before buying supplements, as some of them do not contain the ingredients advertised on the label and in some instances, can be downright dangerous.

There was one rather incongruous but amusing note, and that is the dessert at the luncheon was crème brûlée – but at least it was topped with strawberries and blueberries.

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