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Pets & More: POM Juice Good for You – Bad for Animals: A Message from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

When PETA learned that POM was funding deadly experiments on animals, we immediately asked the company to meet with us to discuss accurate non-animal test methods such as human clinical trials. POM refused to abandon animal testing, instead preferring to continue conducting useless experiments that require researchers to torment and kill animals in laboratories.

In one experiment that POM funded, mother mice were fed POM juice and their week-old babies were locked in a chamber with almost no oxygen for 45 minutes, causing severe brain damage. The babies were then killed so that experimenters could dissect their brains. POM has also induced heart disease (atherosclerosis) in mice that were fed POM, then killed and cut open the mice to examine their hearts. In another experiment, rabbits’ arteries were severed in order to cause impotence; the rabbits were then fed POM juice so that the researchers could study erectile dysfunction.

“POM’s customers will be horrified to find out about these deadly experiments, and since none of POM’s pomegranate juice competitors is tormenting animals in laboratories, it’s going to be easy to convince people to switch brands…no ‘health drink’ is worth suffering and dying for,” says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich.

None of POM’s competitors tests its pomegranate juice on animals. If you don’t want to support cruelty to animals, please drink Naked, Old Orchard, Fruttzo or Lakewood pomegranate juice instead of POM – they all understand that torturing and killing animals is unethical and unnecessary and have pledged never to test on animals.

We hope POM will follow in the footsteps of juice giant Welch’s, which, after talking with PETA, now states on its website: “With the broad range of research alternatives available today, we at Welch’s have determined that we can remain committed to scientific research regarding the vital connection between diet and health without the further funding of animal research.”

For more information, go to POMhorrible.com

Editor’s Note:

Local stores that refuse to carry POM products include John’s Garden Fresh in Malibu, Rainbow Acres in Culver City and Erewhon in West Hollywood.

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