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Time for President Bush to Go:

On August 7, 1974, three prominent Republicans – Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, House Minority Leader John Rhodes and Sen. Barry Goldwater – went to the White House to tell Richard Nixon that it was time to leave office.  This was the last straw for Mr. Nixon, who resigned the next evening.

George W. Bush is facing a crisis of confidence nearly as intense as that faced by Richard Nixon.  It has been remarked that if the US had a parliamentary system like Great Britain, a “no confidence” vote would have ousted Bush already.

While the US is not a parliamentary democracy, we are seeing the signs of Bush’s isolation in the current resolutions being prepared in the House and Senate.  Basically, these resolutions state that Mr. Bush’s planned escalation of the Iraq war, and his dangerous adventurism in terms of widening the war further into Iran and Syria, are “not in the national interests of the United States.”  These resolutions are guaranteed bipartisan support.

It’s time for a group of prominent Republicans – perhaps led by Sen. Chuck Hagel – to pay a visit to the president and vice-president.  For the good of the country, and the world, these men should be told to step down now, or face impeachment.  This is literally the only way to save the republic and, possibly, avert World War III.

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