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(NAPSI)-New uses of construction materials and techniques are opening the door to new design possibilities, especially when it comes to doors.

Architects can now design any door panel configuration or layout that homeowners want by using MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, because of the material’s virtually limitless possibilities.

MDF is known for its consistency in machining and smooth surface; the versatile material provides a blank palette for any design. Each MDF door can be carved individually to create the precise look a homeowner wants.

A door’s design starts with a drawing or blueprint sized to the home’s specifications. Then, solid sheets of MDF are pressed to provide a solid, smooth cutting surface all the way to the core. Next, each door is carved individually to create precisely the look that a homeowner wants.

There’s almost a limitless range of designs including moldings, circles and curves or whatever strikes a homeowner’s fancy.

For example, if a homeowner visits Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, and wants a beaded door trim they saw there, this trim can be replicated.

Another benefit of MDF is the way it finishes. The smooth surface is said to take paint better than wood and allows for a wide range of creative treatments.

In addition, MDF doesn’t shrink, expand or warp like traditional doors, eliminating problems such as joint cracking and panel-to-rail separation. It also offers strength and durability.

Homeowners who seek the advantages of real wood soon find they want all those advantages offered by MDF and none of the disadvantages associated with solid wood. They are often impressed with the weight and durability of MDF, and pleased to discover that it feels like solid wood and has the same sound-deadening acoustic properties.

The material also helps speed up the delivery of doors. With the highly computerized operations of MDF, door manufacturers can deliver a door in five days to two and a half weeks, compared to six to 12 weeks for a custom wood door.

It’s an open-and-closed case, say construction experts. Open, closed or ajar, these doors are a solid, cost-conscious way to deliver a customized look.

For more information, go to pbmdf.com.

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