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You aren’t too far away from another nice move. You worry a little bit about what’s coming next because nothing is so far as set as it needs to be. A lot of things could still turn the action in one direction or another. Positives and negatives do battle until you reach a reasonable conclusion.


You feel the pull of one kind of life and the pull of another. But with not enough freedom to explore your options you’ll have to backburner it for now. You are given a great gift but it comes at its own price. An old friend reaches out for some helpful advice. Choose your words well.


What you don’t say will betray people who think they know you better than they do. If you speak loudly about who you are and stand up for what you believe in, you will have an easier time being your authentic self. Your opinion will be requested on a very important matter.


No one is ever going to be straight with you about the things that are really threatening your business or your love life. You feel sometimes like you have no more desire to look to the future. Other times, you feel the future is wide open. Stick with those you trust and beware of those who come bearing false promises.


You feel uncomfortable with the way things are. You worry that you haven’t put into place that which you need for peace of mind. Attaining that sort of harmony is possible. It is about making decisions, hard ones. It’s not about changing everything in your life, just about knowing what to let go of and what to keep.


A beautiful new day will bring lots of new faces and opportunities into your life. You feel torn between loyalties. On one hand, you’ll take what you can get. On the other hand, you long for that thing you’ve always longed for, that thing you can’t ever get back. You think too much of the past.


When you are caught without having a quick answer, it sends you back into research. You don’t want to lose again, not with something you know everything about. You are sure about what you do, but you aren’t sure if you have a place anymore. You work hard at a game you invented.


Juggling so many balls in the air proves tricky when don’t know where they’re coming from. You got one moment’s glimpse into a life you almost had. Your heart betrays you. You fall too hard, too fast. You need to learn to like people, admire them, get close to them but keep them at arm’s length.


If you stop and think too hard about what you’re doing you’ll slow yourself down so much you won’t be able to get going again. You wonder how you ever were going to get through the rough patches. Justice is an elusive thing. Don’t settle for anything less.


You have your hands fuller than you think. It’s almost time to consult a professional to find out what is going on exactly. You can’t do it all alone, however. If you let more people in to help you will lighten your load by half. Don’t be insulted when you make a move and it doesn’t get picked up on.


You don’t think someone is on the up and up until you test them a few times. Even then, they could be pulling a fast one. You feel like you can’t keep up with everyone you’re around. You try to but ultimately you don’t know how to fake it as well as you used to. You do your best – sometimes it works.


You are working at a whole new level, for better or worse. You see things happening to others but not as fast for you. You reach plateaus in life before you’re ready for them. Your preparation is leading you somewhere. You won’t have wasted all of those years. Show off when you get the chance.

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