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The only way you can get out of the tangled web is to cut one string at a time until you are free. These entanglements aren’t nearly as dramatic as they seem and the way out is as easy as any challenge you’ve ever had. Good things are coming your way and they’ll heighten your creativity.


You are feeling like the load has lifted a bit but you are still fighting the good fight. Old friends will give you some new ideas. You help a friend who has nowhere else to turn. Misplacing small but necessary items will be your main frustration, but you could be in line for a windfall.


You feel some frustration with not making progress in certain areas. It’s one step up and two steps back. What looks like something obvious is really not as easy to figure out as you might have thought. You are so close to finding a solution to something that seems like it has no end. Stick with it.


You don’t know how often you help out others. That kind of generosity is rare and much needed in our society. You will want to refill by being around giving sources, not those that take so much – but those that give back, people who give light, live music, bountiful fruit.


You may begin to feel like you’ve missed an opportunity. As much as you try to make up for things, nothing ever lives up to what was promised to you. You have to think another way. You have to pull back a little and see life in perspective. What is really all so important that it overtakes everything else? Not much.


The only thing left is the thing you haven’t tried. You have gone many places and done great things. You have learned, already, so much about the world and about your own inner world. But you also don’t know what your next big move will be. Ask someone you dearly love.


The patterns you set will make you stagnate if you stay in them for too long. Go to the place that makes you most happy. Get out of the place that makes you feel sick. Don’t live in the dark anymore. Be aware. Be open. Breathe life in.


So many good things come easily to you where others have to work for them. You are often the object of jealousy and negative vibes. But you are also a source many return to when they are looking for happiness and inspiration. That is one of your most treasured gifts.


You forget the things that are easy and dwell on the things that are hard. Figure out where you want to be in twenty years and start making small steps towards that. There isn’t forever laid out before us; there is only right now, and maybe tomorrow.


You must take drastic measures to get over the hump. You’ve adopted some bad habits that you stick to because they make you feel safe. You must get rid of them for the greater good, your greater well being. There is much to be had and learned but you have to be willing to cut loose.


It’s a brighter day just because you decided to be more honest with yourself. It will free you up tremendously when you realize you don’t have to be pretend to be someone else; you are enough. Not only are you enough, but when you walk into a room, you’re dandy.


You can’t juggle everything and not disappear in a puff of chaos. You watch how other people live their lives and you realize how many times you’ve been easy to fool. You aren’t easy to fool anymore. Just lead with the heart and the rest will follow.

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