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You will feel some pain from the recent decisions you’ve made. But you did the right thing. The breakthroughs we need to make in life often hurt. Only the first time, though. It gets much easier. It’s going to be a bit chaotic until things settle in.


You are surprised by the kindness of others who are going through what you are going through. There is a kinship that can’t be got any other way. You will find things you thought were long lost. You will have to explain something over and over again. You will fight the good fight.


Some things get easier, some things get harder – this week or this month. You have some big changes coming this year. You will have many false starts and for whatever reason, you’ll wonder why you can’t take the great leap forward. So you endure. You can take it, but not for much longer.


The best part of your year is on its way. Isn’t it great? It will be good and bad; once you reach certain goals you may feel up and then down. Good goes with bad, bad goes with change. You get some worthwhile advice from someone who wasn’t your close ally before.


You are struggling to make things work but lately, everything seems like it’s falling apart. What you need is someone to come along and snake the drain. It’s been clogged for too long. You see depressing things everywhere. But life is so good right now it’s hard to be unhappy.


You are feeling desperate to make things happen in your life. But you aren’t willing to make sacrifices just yet. Your options are open to you but don’t do something you’ll regret. You have to set a good example, on top of everything else, and that seems to be getting harder and harder.


Spend some quality time with quality people, less time in the line of fire of corporate advertisers who think they know what kind of life you should be living. In their quest to turn us into constant consumers, they are robbing of us of our choices. Stay free in your mind.


You get a happy ending but it won’t come without lots of work. You have some who decide for you what you should be doing with your life. But you can’t listen to them because it’s your life. Still, you must consider what the future might hold. Don’t put off the now.


An old friend pops back into your life, for better or worse. You get a second chance to redo something you made a mess of earlier in your life. It’s time to shed that baggage that doesn’t want to drop off. It’s time to feel lighter in every sense.


Don’t make other people tow around your own guilt and pain to make it easier for you. Easy isn’t always good. Harder stuff pays off better in the long run. You’ll be asked for some creative input that makes you feel good. It’s always nice to get respect from your peers.


It just isn’t the same as it once was. The most important thing right now is to take care of your health. It is the most valuable thing you have. The last thing that should be neglected is your inner and outer body, mind and spirit. It’s time to nourish.


You are once again overloading yourself. It’s worth it to take a few steps back and divide up your time. You’ll do a better job all the way around. Although your life doesn’t seem to change much, certain others around you feel their lives changing all the time. You have to try to keep up with that. Rejoice in what you have earned.

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