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All will be coming clear in the next few days. The problem you’ve been brooding on needs a swift resolution. The conflict won’t resolve itself without you taking matters into your own hands. Don’t be afraid of the good stuff. Let it in.


You are almost maxed out. The cost of doing business is feeling too high. What it will cost you to fight this thing might not be worth it in terms of dollars but it will be worth it in terms of taking on a challenge and winning. Believe in what you bring to the table.


You’re saying goodbye and that isn’t going to be easy. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take the steps one by one. You are stronger than you know. The obvious thing that’s tearing you and your family apart is right in front of your nose. You can’t avoid the truth forever. Be brave and face things.


You aren’t out of the woods just yet. Be prepared for the best and the worst things that will be part of your year. Make every minute count, not in a shallow way but in a serious way. Live an alert life. Figure out what most matters to you and fill your life with it now.


You have lost contact with people who mean a lot to you. You can’t lose touch. It might take extra effort to visit with them. Don’t shut them out. Use what you have to get closer. You will do something for so long you can’t stand doing it one more day. Accomplish difficult things and easy things will follow.


Complete a few more tasks before starting off on your new journey. Refill in ways that makes a difference for you. Don’t put off the important stuff while running around and trying to fit everything in. Someone very close to you will show a weakness that you might not be able to deal with. Be forgiving up to a point.


You are at a breaking point with someone who keeps letting you down. You try to get things done but something or someone keeps standing in your way. Don’t let yourself be bossed around by someone who uses childish games to manipulate people. Make them be forthright with you.


You have to deal with a recent setback. You’ve been doing great so far, but lately you’ve felt like you’re taking on way too much. You have to make a big dent in something you let go for too long. On the other hand, you will be the hero for a day.


You are still being kept from the place that makes you feel the most at home. When you are out of your element, you don’t do as well. You are better served by following your instincts. You get some great advice that leads to a fascinating business venture.


You are working things out as well as you can. But at some level you’re wondering if you can juggle so many things at once. You have friends who can help out, and family. But you aren’t quite up to the task of being strong all of the time. You need relief.


You are a professional when it comes to handling your business. You need a better routine to follow, one that won’t make you feel bored. You’re starting to wish you’d taken a different route for success. Your hard work has paid off. Your persistence has won out and you are better now than you ever were. Hold on to it.


You have two roads you can take at this point. Giving up is not really an option. Failure is not an option. But perhaps, somewhere in there, is a compromise. You want to use your compassion and intelligence to make life better for others. You might need to take a great leap of faith to accomplish that.

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