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Letters To The Editor:

Council Members:

 A debate has begun on whether or not the Horizons West Surf Shop/Z-boys is worthy of the historical designation and with that the DOGTOWN moniker?

 Are any of you aware that at least on the street as I understood it (and I was raised in Ocean Park through the era), the phrase was a misogynist anti-feminine sexist pejorative directed at the girls and women of Ocean Park as not attractive and therefore being dogs?

 And that years later, when the filmmakers of The Lords of Dogtown (Jeff Ho et al…Z-Boys) made that film and decided to call it by that name they had an opportunity to amend that indiscretion and did not?

 So I ask you? Is the sort of thing that you would want the city to be known for in some circles?

 Come now, demand that these Lords be held accountable for their lifelong-held view that those of the fairer sex be referred to in such a way here in Santa Monica and hold them accountable for spreading their sexist views across the cultural landscape.


Stewart Resmer 

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