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Letters To The Editor:

I wanted to show my thanks for including the article “Darfur: Local Students Take Action” about Camp Darfur (I’m part of the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force).  I write to ask the newspaper to also include the address of a website where Gabriel Stauring, the bringer of Camp Darfur as mentioned in the article, is showing videos of the refugees.  He is videotaping evidence of the crimes committed against the refugees during his two-week stay with his partner, Stacey, in Chad, near the border of Sudan.  I wanted for those interested in the conflict in Darfur to see the refugees speaking about what is happening in Darfur.  The site also has many ideas on how to help the refugees, even if indirectly.  The website provides an ACTION for all of the 14 days.  For example, people are invited to write to their representative in Congress about the conflict in Darfur, who in turn pressures the government to do more. 

This is the website: http://stopgenocidenow.org/iact2/.  The first three days are documented outside of the refugee camps.  On the fourth day, Gabriel and Stacey reached their desired refugee camp.  I thought that some of the readers of the Mirror would be interested in seeing the refugees, starting with the fourth day. 

Thank you very much!


Diana Yu 

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