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You will find unusual avenues of access. What looks like a ting of beauty on the outside may be rife with hidden agendas. The weather begins to take its toll in a really great way. You feel renewed by the changes. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys.


What seemed like it was going to be a nightmare turned into a rather pleasant time. Things are working out better than expected in the financial area. You work hard and it has paid off. Don’t forget to hand out thank you’s to all of those you have learned to appreciate of late.


In an instant you fear that one lie has turned into another lie and another lie. You must not take for granted something that’s been given to you. Check your attitude at the door and rethink some of the confrontations you’ve encountered this week – what are you doing to cause it? Think with your heart, not your head.


You are mostly tapped out but there is a wee bit of you left to do contribute something significant. You come out of a difficult situation looking and feeling better than ever. Someone close to you has a trick up his or her sleeve and is just waiting to surprise you. You can’t save the world, just remember that.


You hit a snag in your progress. But it isn’t going to derail you. Your goals are still as solid as they ever were. It’s going to be your new job to find a way to utilize your special skill. Good luck shines upon you in financial matters. You’ll have a completely new outlook this time next year.


It is a time to remember those who have come to mean so much to you in your life. We hold on to each other as we go through life. The longer we go, the tighter we hold. Don’t forget to reconnect with those you’ve lost through time or neglect or circumstance. Say yes and welcome them back.


You have no limits as to what you can do when you put your mind to it. When you are completely blocked, perhaps a change of scenery will revive your inspiration. It is such a short time we’re here. You best get busy living.


You are moving from becoming student to teacher. You are surprised at how much you’re learning these days. You can’t imagine what a big world it is. You should never limit yourself to your immediate surroundings. Bigger is better.


You will be put in the position of sticking up for someone who is otherwise incapacitated. It will fill you with a deep sense of accomplishment to do that. You will go from being protected to being protector. You get angry by a distorted message from a family member.


As you begin anew you feel invigorated by your own drive to improve. And it’s at the right time. If you wait any longer you might not be able to pull yourself back out of what you dug for yourself. Despite your renewed promises, you are ready to go back down the same road you’ve gone down before. Always tread new ground.


You are surprised when your success is tangible. You end up feeling grateful for the small things. You still have many challenges ahead but for the most part you’re on your way towards fulfilling those lifelong dreams. Baby steps will get you to the starting line. Strength will get you to the finish line.


You’ve got a good start but you’re not all the way there yet. You have to learn to manage your time better and then you won’t feel like you’re wasting so much of it. Figure out what is temporary and what is permanent. Focus on the permanent things, the permanent people, and don’t invest much on those who come and go, and things that come and go.

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