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You don’t know what to make of a recent development. No good deed goes unpunished so expect some fallout. Watch how you spend your latest windfall. It comes and goes and before you know it, it’s all over with. Put your positive thinking in gear.


You go up and you go down. But you’re not feeling steady so much as feeling like you’re on shaky ground. You have still gone farther than you thought you would in some ways but not as far as you know you can go in other ways. Guilty pleasures are key to endless happiness.


You can’t be as free with your time, funds and gifts of late. It’s time to be a tad more frugal. You might not be able to do all that you wanted to do. You might have to cut back on some things. You feel frustration and anger at someone who’s let you down. Revenge is sweet.


Don’t let yourself get in a jam. Keep your wits about you. Don’t weep when you should cheer. Don’t be afraid where you should stand up tall and be brave. There is more where that came from. Be grateful for the gifts you’ve gotten. Don’t fret those things you can’t manage right now.


You feel some resentment coming from someone you were hoping would give you a break. But nothing is ever that easy when it comes to sticky relationships. You might get angry that nothing is working. But you learn your lessons the hard way. You’ll get back what you’ve given away.


The larger picture tells you that you may have overshot your hand. Pull back some. Look at what you’re able to do when you put your mind to it. You must keep track of what you’re owed. Don’t let money slip through your fingers. Don’t be careless with what could otherwise be spent wisely.


You will be the shining star in your group, particularly as the new you begins to emerge. You may experience some difficulty in communicating your feelings. You are frustrated that you can’t seem to get across your heart’s desires to the one who matters most. Best advice: be blunt but get it out.


The bigger picture is that you were never supposed to be put in the position in the first place of delegating tasks. There is a side of you that can rise to the occasion and a side that just wants to run and hide. But when people lay the blame on you, speak up about it.


In the grey area you can make any case you want that makes your side look like the right side. The fact is, you are unable to be really dishonest to others, thus – it will only sit right with you if it’s right period. You don’t always make the same mistakes twice. Never trust someone who doesn’t know you well.


It’s time to change and you know it. You can no longer put off what is going to be painful and hard. You have to just close your eyes and jump in. Making a life change can’t be a phase but a lifelong commitment. That means changing the way you think about things.


It isn’t going to get any easier unless you start opening your life up to others to help you. You can’t do it all yourself and why should you? There are so many out there eager to lend a helping hand. Lean on them and they’ll lean on you.


You’re just moments away from launching the next phase. See how close you are? You can almost taste it. It is a matter of energy and time. You have both. Your health dictates your energy and your time is what is needed for your wealth. Keep the faith.

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