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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Feminine forces are out circling. Good thing, not bad. Take the lesson that is thrust upon you. You look for reasons why certain patterns keep repeating but you are missing the obvious reason. You will know when you’ve had enough.


A little bit of a certain someone goes a long way. You only have so much time for people who really need to get a major clue. It isn’t your job to fix everyone else’s life, not when you are trying to make your own life run smoothly. Remember boundaries.


You have a routine down now and thus, you aren’t likely to keep the state of chaos that’s been your life these days. The more into your routine you go, the least likely you are to be surprised by abrupt change. But take care to remember that change can always happen, even when your life is as stable as it’s going to get.


Evolution is a beautiful thing. You are always evolving towards something else. Change is slow, small, deliberate steps. Change is discarding your old expectations and making way for unexpected shifts. Once you decide it’s okay to let you go you will take off.


It’s become a backwards situation. What you think you should be getting is what you’ve been giving. What you want to give is what you’ve been getting. Not the ideal you’re shooting for but it’s better than nothing. You’ll be looking for a new way to make money, one that will challenge you more and suit you better.


Matters of the heart are all you can think about lately. No matter what else is going on in our lives, the music in the background is always love. You wouldn’t mind being an instrument again, or playing one for that matter. But you have to bypass your role as an audience member first.


Seeking outside help is the right choice right now. You will be getting a lot of advice, some of it good, some of it not so great. You will also find something you’ve been looking for and will feel happy that it wasn’t lost forever. It’s a week for trying something you’ve never tried before.


You are getting strong messages from someone but you aren’t hearing, seeing or noticing them. When those who can’t speak directly to us try to communicate their desires, pains or thoughts we must be extra sensitive listeners. It’s your job to figure out who and what. It’s a worthy cause.


You will be reminded, painfully, of your old self when your old self comes roaring back. Try as you might, you can’t be a completely new person than you were; the old you is still very much inside you, just as the child is very much inside you. Each of them wants different things. Which one will win?


There has to be a bright side to the depressing story that is threatening to shape your life, as in the rest of your life. No, it isn’t a matter of thinking positively; it’s a matter of following your heart. The sadness comes from your being pulled in two different directions – one will save you and the other will ruin you. You know which is which.


The scheme is almost in place. Much thought and desire has gone into constructing it. You’re looking around for things that might belong there. Remember what your dream home looks like. Keep that image in your mind when you start planning how to change. Your dreams won’t die if you have to backburner them, but hopefully you won’t.


Once again, you are doing too much and not paying attention to the practical matters. In many ways, you like to live in panic-mode. But you’ll have to get out of panic-mode if you expect any sort of stability in your life. Don’t despair those who seem not to understand you. If they don’t get it, it’s their loss.

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