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The best argument not to impeach Bush is Cheney.  But what if we got rid of Cheney first?  Then both chambers of Congress would have to confirm a new vice president.  It would be hard to get anyone worse than Dr. Doom.  Then we go after Bush.

What’s wrong with this scenario?  The most frequently heard complaint is that it will take a long time and divert attention.  Divert attention from what?  Making more wars?

Besides, the briefs against Bush and Cheney have already been written by legal experts.  What it takes is the political will.  Do we really want to allow these thugs to set the country’s agenda for another two years?  I think not.

On a related topic, I’d like to see the administration come right out with the truth about this war:  that it’s about oil.  You don’t see the US expending a billion dollars every few days and allowing tens of thousands of young people (albeit, mostly poor) to get killed and maimed over maize or bananas.  In case you missed it, the US economy is dependent on the importation of foreign oil and Iraq’s got lots of it to export.

Therefore, short of impeachment, don’t expect the US to be leaving Iraq any time soon.  Permanent US bases, complete with KFCs and Pizza Huts, are already built in Iraq.  The US has spent over a trillion dollars in Korea since that debacle ended.  A good guess is that it won’t take nearly 50 years to match that in Iraq.  Heck, we’re pretty near halfway there already!

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