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Arlington West Santa Monica/American Peace Tour:

After watching the meeting tonight, I was disappointed by the lack of support from some Councilmembers. I listened to the comments, and feel like Arlington West Santa Monica is well thought of, so is it the name of the Tour that is an obstacle for the City Council? It seemed like perhaps some on the Council felt like it was not a “Santa Monica” thing. is very much a “Santa Monica” thing, but it is also part of something bigger. Just like the city itself. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Hopefully, after more deliberation, you will be comfortable in supporting the Tour. I hear from friends all over the world that they have seen or heard of us in their local newspapers, television etc. I remember one Sunday when a couple from Arkansas came to the pier. They had stumbled across AW and they wanted to place something on a cross for a loved one. As it turns out, that person was already in our books, so they added their sentiments. Connections like that are common on Sundays. It is extremely touching, sad and beautiful at the same time. Your support over the last few years, in letting us set up next to thepier, is so appreciated. I know there are many who will always feel that AW is “Anti-American”. I believe the opposite to be true. I am proud to be a Santa Monica born resident who believes that freedom of speech and expression is very American. I am honored to be a part of this Memorial every Sunday. I think Santa Monica should be proud of Arlington West, and proudly support this Peace Tour.

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