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City Council Hosts Annual Boards and Commissions Dinner:

At an annual dinner, members of Santa Monica’s boards and commissions were honored for their work and contribution to the City.

The festivities were held at the Civic Center on April 16 and included reports from each body regarding its accomplishments over the past year and its future goals.

Planning Commission members stated that their main goal would be to continue to work on the update of the City’s Land Use and Circulation Elements for the next 18 months by asking residents: “What does a good quality of life and sustainability mean for you in Santa Monica?”

Accomplishments from the Airport Commission included completing the first ever Airport Environmental Study, the April 29 opening of Airport Park and creating plans for a DC3 monument. Next year they want to address environmental noise and air pollution issues.

Disabilities Commission members worked on advocating for closed captioning of election programming and Council meetings on CityTV, sensitivity training for City staff and improved traffic signal technology.

Members of the Landmarks Commission are considering designating Palisades Park as a historic landmark, and have been working on updating the Citywide Historic Inventory, which will be completed next winter.

The Task Force on the Environment helped advocate for the ban on polystyrene for food-packaging products in the City, which was approved by the City Council. In the coming year, they hope to focus on air quality issues, green building guidelines and water quality in Santa Monica Bay.

Resource conservation, economic development and environmental public health have been the focus of the Sustainable City Task Force’s work. Next year, they would like to work with such stakeholder groups as the School District, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Business Improvement District on sustainability goals as well as build relationships with other stakeholders within the City.

The objectives and goals for the Commission for the Senior Community for fiscal year 2006-08 are to provide advocacy for better transportation services; promote and advocate for the enhancement of pedestrian safety and accessibility; promote healthy aging, fitness opportunities and increase mental health service and education; and provide education and outreach regarding senior issues.

Personnel Board members have been working for the last two years on the update of the 1948 City ordinance on personnel matters.

The Bayside District Corporation has advocated for new restrooms in 2008 and a new look for 2nd and 4th streets. They hope to continue to foster better parking opportunities and maintenance.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau completed a survey of residents and beachgoers, and held a Beach Summit. Next year they will help develop a Community-wide Customer Service and Diversity Program to create 1,200 jobs with Santa Monica College, the City and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) crafted revisions for the design standards for downtown and mixed-use areas. Next year they hope to create the ARB Award of Excellence.

A major rehab of the Santa Monica Pier’s deck is one of the accomplishments of the Pier Restoration Board, as is obtaining approval for a new central restroom facility. Next year, they will be working on improving the Pier’s access ramp and begin planning the Pier’s 100th anniversary celebration. The Pier opened in 1909.

The Parks and Recreation Commission helped with the planning of Airport Park and the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of 415 PCH, scheduled to open in 2009. The Commission also planned Euclid Park, which will be opening this June, and is working on the Beach Greening Project, which will turn a section of the Barnard Way beach parking lot into a park.

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