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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


The course is altered somewhat when a heavenly body gets in your way. Steer clear of loose flying debris or fallout from a conflict. Protecting yourself is the theme for the week. Loosen up on the weekend to release some tension.


You open up your life to someone briefly and it leaves you with mixed feelings. You never want to close off completely yet you sort of have your hands full as it is. You’ll know when you need to ice out and when you need to open up more.


You are too hotheaded for you own good. Pride is more a liability than an advantage this week as you find yourself on the losing end of a conflict. It is so much easier to apologize and get on with it than to fester with guilt.


You can’t catch up with yourself and the work keeps piling up. As you deal with time management you’re figuring out how to trim the fat from the meat. What does you good is what to own. What consistently sets you back must be cut from the menu.


You do someone a favor but it gets you in a world of pain. You feel like sometimes you can’t make it through another agonizing day. Once you’ve decided what life you’re going to have you will go at it with vengeance. But you are frustrated with your indecision. No decision will be wrong.


When things start to go wrong and you feel like you want more, just reach out to the ones who are supportive in times of need. You know there are those who would rather talk about themselves and those who want to listen. Choose your listening ears carefully.


You will be introduced to a whole new area of possibility. You realize that the only thing standing in your way is your own blah. If you get rid of the life you thought you were going to have you can finally have the life you’ve always wanted.


You find that your body responds often before your brain does. You know when an emotion is churning through your veins because you’re angry or scared or excited. It takes some time for your brain to catch up because you still need processing time. Not a bad thing, really.


You are meditating on the whole soul mate issue and wondering if you’ve made the right choice, of whether you have yet to make the right choice. Your path is not set in stone. You have some wiggle room.


You get some good news and some bad news. Your wake up call still holds but at least you know it’s not the end of the world. The beauty of this life is that is wide open for all types of news. What you know is that now you have more time. Use it wisely.


You feel like a project that you started is giving accolades to someone who really had nothing to do with it. So all of that work is going unrewarded. You should never accept that – but should stick up for yourself and take credit where credit is due.


You are only in control of certain things in life. The rest is totally out of your control. The trick is in knowing what can be changed quickly and what will need lots of time to alter. Little steps work better than quick fixes. Your heart hurts for now but it will heal.

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