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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Focus is on not putting off until tomorrow what could be done today. Do it now, do it quick, get it over with. When you have something to do that you can’t bear doing it owns you. Nothing that trivial should ever own you. Free yourself. Do what needs to be done and have time to yourself.


Your smarts don’t let you take no for an answer and you succeed at what you’ve set out to do. You have creativity that is often inspired and even genius level. But you have such high standards most things bore you to tears. You know you are doing right by your clan.


You have divided yourself off from almost everyone you care about. You have learned to be independent by default but it’s time to soften around the edges and be vulnerable. You won’t get hurt because you aren’t in that place anymore. And probably never will be.


You are at a crossroads. You could easily go through either door. Both will present great things and terrible things. Both will suddenly feel like the wrong choice. But you have to choose. Your decision seems hard but you know it will be easy, because one feels right and the other doesn’t.


You know you have only a few shots at the big time and you don’t want to stumble. If you stumble, though, just move on as always. Don’t ever let a fall take you down. You are limitless in your ambitions and thus must be limitless in your dreams.


You could be over-thinking a problem that deals with love and relationships. At some point, it has to come down to the old cliché, what will be, will be. It isn’t bad or good, it just is. Acceptance is always the first step. Other people will reject it at first but they’ll catch on.


Too little too late is what you’re thinking. With so much information and emotional trauma filling up our psyches on a daily basis we need an escape and a release. You do better to find a quiet place where you can go and no one can follow.


You are feeling fed up with people who aren’t, frankly, as smart as you are. You can’t always be the smartest person in the room so maybe it’s time to look at things from someone else’s perspective. Often it’s not that they are wrong or you are wrong; it’s just that you are in the wrong place. Rise above.


You get a head start from the group but you have more work ahead. We’re lucky to get what we get for free but there’s a cost for the extras. You must deal with some guilt and negativity this week, and you’ll have some baggage left over from an old flame.


You are given a gift from someone that you aren’t sure whether you want to take or not. You know that gifts come with a price. You can’t ever just walk away without a snag pulling you backwards. Your lucky number is up. Take the moment when it’s handed to you.


You are needing a broader sense of self worth lately. You need to help people who need you. When we turn the focus off our ourselves, our focus becomes sharp, our purpose clear. You must utilize that fire in you. It is too powerful to waste.


You may encounter resentment due to neglect by your employer or a group you belong to. You are probably past the point where a talk would help; most likely, you’d be better served moving on. Success is the best revenge. You are better off putting your energy where it is valued.

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