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Iranian New Year Celebrated at SMC:

The Associated Students and the Iranian Student Club of Santa Monica College celebrated “Nowrouz,” the Iranian New Year celebration, on Thursday, March 22. The event was presented as a US-Iran Peace Day with traditional music, dance, food, clothing, musical instruments, books and calligraphy.

Also present was the “Haft Seen,” a traditional Iranian New Year table decorated with at least seven symbolic objects – nutrients or plants beginning with the Persian letter “s.” The items are Sabzeh (wheat, barley or lentil sprouts – symbolizing rebirth), Samanu (sweet pudding or custard – affluence), Senjed (fruit of the oleaster or lotus tree – love), Seer (garlic – health and medicine), Seeb (apples – beauty and health), Somaq (sumac berries – sunrise), Serkeh (vinegar – age and patience), Sonbol (hyacinth – spring) and Sekkeh (coins – prosperity and wealth). A mirror is also placed on the table for the reflection of life; candles represent the light of life; goldfish in a bowl are a sign of a living form; a painted egg is placed for each member of the family; and traditional pastries and bread symbolize a plentiful year. The Holy Book of the household is also usually placed on the Haft Seen.

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