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As the closure of the California Incline for upgrades for nearly a year will affect a great many commuters in Santa Monica and neighboring communities, we feel this 2006 resolution by the Pacific Palisades Community Council remains relevant today. The Mirror has been informed that the City of Santa Monica will be holding a public workshop some time in late May. The new project manager is Eugenia Chusid, who can be reached at 310.434.2618.

Resolution of Pacific Palisades Community Council

Adopted June 8, 2006

Whereas, the impact on the Pacific Palisades, and particularly Santa Monica Canyon, of the proposed 10-month closure of the California Incline is potentially very detrimental to the local residents and could exacerbate existing traffic congestion and traffic safety issues; and

Whereas the PPCC understands that traffic will be routed via PCH to Entrada and West Channel Road where both intersections are already rated at the worst category (“F”) for traffic congestion; and

Whereas, the PPCC believes there are steps in the design and construction of this important project that can provide relief from the significant, anticipated, negative impacts of this project. These include design parameters, configuration of detour routes and expedited construction.

Now, therefore, the PPCC resolves that the following matters should be considered in mitigation of the negative aspects of this project and that Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s office be requested to make the amelioration of the negative impacts of this project a high priority of the City of Los Angeles in its dealings with the City of Santa Monica with respect to this project:

The PPCC recommends that the following be included in the design and implementation of this project:

Require around-the-clock construction effort [24/7] by the contractor with bonus for early completion and substantial penalties for preventable delays, such as was done with the Santa Monica Freeway reconstruction after the earthquake damage in the vicinity of La Cienega Blvd.

Provide enhanced signage to direct traffic away from Santa Monica Canyon, including signs in Santa Monica, at a minimum on the following streets at Ocean Ave, and elsewhere, as appropriate:

California, Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard (SR-2), Colorado, Broadway and Arizona, directing traffic with arrows toward the pier/ramp to PCH with text: “All Beach Traffic” and “Construction Detour/California Incline Closed.” Signs on Eastbound PCH should similarly direct traffic towards the pier/ramp/Lincoln Boulevard off-ramp, and NOT Santa Monica Canyon.

Develop a contingency plan to be implemented should Entrada Drive traffic back up to San Vicente Boulevard to divert traffic at 26th Street and other alternatives as identified by a thorough traffic study and implemented using programmable message boards, temporary signals, manual traffic control personnel or other necessary and appropriate measures.

Design the new incline to permit right turns to reduce U-turns by tourists and visitors who realize they have passed the last opportunity to turn toward the City of Santa Monica.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Chairman of the PPCC is hereby authorized and instructed to write a letter to Councilman Rosendahl enclosing a copy of this duly adopted Resolution of the PPCC and to take whatever additional steps the Chairman may believe are necessary or appropriate to further the intent of this resolution.

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