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A Message from Bill Rosendahl on Airport Park:

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, whose 11th Council District includes the Mar Vista neighborhood across Centinela Avenue from Santa Monica Airport, issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed in Santa Monica’s policy regarding the use of the off-leash dog area. Park use should not be determined by municipal borders. This policy is unacceptable.

“The City of Los Angeles welcomes, with open arms, the general public to our park system. In fact, residents of other municipalities, including the City of Santa Monica, routinely frequent our parks. It is only fair that Santa Monica, which is located in the heart of the 11th district, practice nondiscriminatory park use policies.

“I sympathize with Santa Monica’s commitment to protecting resources for its taxpayers. However, I have a responsibility to protect Los Angeles residents from unfair practices. Although Los Angeles residents live in very close proximity to this park and will be impacted by traffic to and from this location, they will not enjoy the benefits of this wonderful resource.

“In conversations with Santa Monica officials, I have discussed ways in which we can work together to provide equal access for Los Angeles residents. I look forward to a successful partnership on this issue.”

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