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Green Art At epOxybOx:

April 2, 2007 Venice CA- Every choice we make has an impact on our planet. An artist’s intention while making their work is as important as the final pieces. Alexandra Wagner’s work is all about that & her most recent installation will mark the second showing at epOxybOx GalleryThe Greening of Fine Art’ curated by the Founder & CEO Deborah Guyer Greene. Alexandra Wagner’s exhibit launches on Friday April 6th 2007, 7:30pm at the epOxybOx Gallery located at 602 Venice Blvd, Venice CA.

Making conscious choices during the art making process is an important aspect of the art, as many techniques, processes and materials that have been past down through our time are not ‘environmentally friendly’. “If we all take the time to gradually change our habits, we can make a world of difference in the art community and beyond.” states artist Alexandra Wagner. Wagner began using acrylic paint over 10 years ago after working with oils and having to discard toxic solvent and other toxic waste that came along with this process. Acrylics are considered non-toxic, and certain paint companies have made certain pigments. When discarding acrylics, it is best to let them dry thoroughly and not rinse them down the drain, as the dry polymer vehicle will provide containment in a landfill. They clean up easily with soap and water.

Wagner is also directing her energy and placing part of the profit from her artwork into non-profit organizations that benefit the environment such as The Nature Conservancy & other community services. Other ways that she would like to improve her impact on the environment is to use anything that can be recycled in the future especially if doing sculpture. Currently, Wagner’s utilizes recyclable palettes, a solvent free zero VOC stain to finish the raw wood on her paintings, healthy living wax made with linseed oil, orange peel oil, and lead free dryers.

Every little step from each artist matters in the long term and each decision they make can impact our future.

EpOxybOx, is a gallery and event studio committed to promoting cutting-edge, out-of-the box approaches to art, community development, and creative solutions to humanity’s challenges by fostering the concept of “The Greening of Fine Art”, an artistic movement whereby global artist’s integrate social commentary with high design elements and skillful execution of Fine Art.

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