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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Work prompts you to ask some fundamental questions about your time. A confrontation leaves you feeling doubtful about your future. You are worried that things haven’t gone as planned and that a new game plan is in order. Make arrangements to go off the grid for a while.


The activities of recent weeks have landed you in the exhausted zone. Peace and quiet is what you need more of, as if you didn’t know. You get a nice symbolic gift from your trusted ally. A person in a position of power sparks your passion.


You will find a new way out of the woods, don’t worry. With so much at stake you turn to spirituality for guidance. So many questions, so little time. One person will help you find your way but only if you are honest and direct with them about what you really want.


There is a calm to the chaos. You just have to find the right place to stand. Meanwhile, do a little housecleaning on the company you keep. You could do better. Why waste a single second on those who make you feel bad about yourself?


You have a realization that leads you to wanting to make your relationship with a certain someone a lot better. You know you have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere. Find a way out of the day to day pattern and do something special.


You put up with your discomfort in a relationship in order to not lose someone who means something to you. But it’s a trade-off. It isn’t going to be easy to let this someone go. But at some point, you’ll realize there is no other way.


You can’t break a pattern that has been in place for many years. It will take time and some deprogramming to get you back on track. You take advice from a trusted friend, which works to a degree. You’ll have to insert your own intuition at some point.


You get in a spat with a co-worker that has you feeling out of sorts. How do you face someone you can’t stand? Meanwhile, love is in the air, even if it is unrequited. A crush is afoot. Expect someone to send you a message soon.


You can’t spread yourself so thin there isn’t anything left. Manage yourself and your time accordingly. Look for the red flags that keep waving in your face. You can’t look for happiness in places where happiness doesn’t exist.


You are lucky that you have help and lucky that you aren’t totally alone. But your pride is preventing you from getting someone you know the help they need. Butting out is always good, but sometimes butting in is what is required. Be a nudge and make some progress.


In moments of despair you grasp for what is comforting and familiar. You have complete power over your actions. No one else, or no other thing, has power over you. You can do whatever you want. Moments of weakness are controlling you right now. Act from strength.

Pisces You are slightly misguided these days. You have an idea of where you’re going but you can’t find the way onto the highway that will take you there. A mystery lover is waiting in the wings. Self-confidence is what it’s all about. Beauty beams from inside out.

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