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Letters to the Editor:

While I think of Bill Rosendahl as a great ally to Santa Monica residents, his recent statement as well as other writers regarding access to the dog park requires a rebuttal on two fronts. First of all, as a Santa Monica resident, I do not have equal access to schedule tee times at Penmar or other city golf courses unless I pay a fee that is twice the amount required of Los Angeles residents. I am all for equal access and sharing beyond the city boundaries, but if you want equal access, you must also grant it. Once Mr. Rosendahl corrects this inequity, perhaps he can tell Santa Monica what policies are unacceptable. Second of all, he states that Los Angeles residents will be impacted by traffic to and from the park. Since the park is on the south edge of Santa Monica, most Santa Monica residents will only travel through Santa Monica to get to the park and then turn around and drive back through Santa Monica to return home. Compared to the traffic that floods Santa Monica from Los Angeles on a daily basis, this is a trickle. Correct the overdevelopment in West Los Angeles and Playa del Rey, and you will improve traffic flow. Making nonsensical comments about a few park-goers possibly driving through Mar Vista reduces his credibility.

As for the Mar Vista resident outraged that he may be fined for illegally using the dog park, perhaps he should direct his letters to Bill Rosendahl to build a dog park for Los Angeles residents. Or perhaps Bill Rosendahl could have the City of Los Angeles direct funds to the City of Santa Monica to help maintain the park. As residents of Santa Monica, we pay for parks through our tax dollars. Perhaps this Mar Vista resident can explain to me why I should pay for him to have a place for his dog to run. If he wants a park for his dog to run, he should pay for it. It seems that people are only outraged when it affects their pocketbooks.

Tim Maher

Santa Monica

* * * *

After my letter appeared in the Santa Monica Mirror’s May 10th edition about Councilman Rosendahl refusing to take my information packet on air quality and health issues at the Santa Monica Airport demonstration on April 21st, I got a surprise from the councilman. He called me to apologize and made arrangements for me to meet with him, which I thought was very nice.

The meeting was productive as Rosendahl seemed sincere, interested in what I had to say and suggested ways to help address my concerns.

I am glad Councilman Rosendahl took the time to listen to me, and I thank him for that. I also hope my confidence in him will continue to grow.

Thank you,

Ronald Ulrick

Los Angeles

* * * *

We thank all of you who came out for Venice Family Clinic’s Venice Art Walk and Auctions. It’s a wonderful experience when so many people converge for the sake of those who have no access to medical care and for the Venice Family Clinic – their “family doctor.” On behalf of our 22,000 patients – a grateful thank you.

This was not just another Venice Art Walk year even though we have been staging this event for 28 years with the support of Venice artists, community volunteers, elected officials, a dedicated staff and the loyal art walkers themselves.

This is a critical time for our community’s health and for the health of the country. It is not the eleventh hour but the hour to make a difference. All indicators say health care reform will be enacted. How it will affect our daily lives is unknown. Please join us as we educate ourselves about our current health care crisis, remain updated on evolving policies and contribute to a “coalition of caring” as part of our common responsibility.


Elizabeth Benson Forer, CEO

Venice Family Clinic

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