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Waldorf School Traffic:

Dear Officer Moore,

The intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Los Liones Drive in Pacific Palisades was even more dangerous than usual today, Saturday, May 5, 2007.

As I drove on Sunset Boulevard towards the ocean at about 12:20 p.m. and prepared to make a right turn onto Los Liones Drive, two cars on my left and just in front of me stopped. I also stopped because I caught a glimpse of a woman with several children attempting to walk across all lanes of Sunset Boulevard to Los Liones Drive. Fortunately, the cars behind us also stopped.

Apparently, the Westside Waldorf School at that intersection (17310 Sunset Boulevard next to SRF) had scheduled a day-long May Faire. Cars were parked on Los Liones Drive on both sides. A friend counted 170 parked cars with adults with children walking up and down the canyon, some with baby strollers. Obviously, they then walked across 4 lanes of Sunset Boulevard at the blind downhill curve to enter the school property and back to Los Liones Drive to get to their cars.

See the web site: www.wswaldorf.org/calendar.htm

You will notice that more events of this nature are planned by the school for May and June. It is my understanding that the City required the school to install a traffic signal at this intersection. For many years the homeowner groups have been trying to get a signal installed. With no signal and more school events like this, something bad is going to happen at this intersection. I can’t tell you how frightening it was to see small children in the middle of that busy road on a downhill blind curve.

Shirley Haggstrom

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