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Crossroads Defeats Brentwood For CIF Tennis Championship:

Brentwood won the Olympic League boys tennis championship this season but Crossroads got revenge in the playoffs.

The league rivals advanced to the CIF Division 3 playoff finals and Crossroads won, 10-8.

Santa Monica, the No. 2 team in the Pioneer League, was also in the tournament, as was CAMS, the Olympic League’s third place team, and Malibu, No. 3 from the Tri-Valley League.

Here’s how the tournament unfolded:

Malibu defeated Quartz Hills, 14-4, but lost to Beverly Hills, 13-5.

Santa Monica defeated Highland, 15-3, but lost to Lakewood, 10-8.

Brentwood eliminated Rim of the World 17-1, Oaks Christian 13-5, Valencia 13-5 and CAMS 10-8, but then lost to Crossroads.

The champion Roadrunners defeated East Redlands 15-3, Great Oak 15-3, Beverly Hills 11-7 and Brentwood.

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