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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You must find another way to fix the problem that seems unfixable. You are not showing your best side when you lose it. You always end up feeling regretful. You will light up the room one minute and drag all of the energy out of it the next. Be proud of the brave steps you’ve taken.


You feel insecure about the way things are going lately. You have organized your schedule to suit the people in your life but you are still missing a key ingredient to your own personal happiness. Keep digging for the big payoff. You are about to be a very rich person.


Nothing happens by accident. You will be considering the bizarre things that have happened of late bringing you closer to someone you’ve long been attracted to. You must find out why you are feeling this way, what is the biggest change taking place and how to get it off your chest.


You have value beyond the superficial. You can’t get anything from life unless you claim it. You will be frustrated at how slow it all goes but don’t lose heart. Take charge of what and who you are. Live in the present, no matter what. Do not depend on the what ifs and the maybes. Deal with what is in front of you.


You are still a work in progress. You may never be where you feel finished. What you are looking for is not so easily attainable. You will see it when you look back in time. You will feel free when you let go of the life you always wanted.


Wisdom seems to come at a time when it does you no good whatsoever. You’ve learned from your mistakes yet no one seems to want to listen. What’s worse, you keep repeating the same mistakes. Your life will be full of color. Even the downs will seem like ups when enough time has passed.


Your fear comes from a false perception of what you think people are expecting from you. You can only be yourself. Whatever you think they’re expecting or whatever payoff you’re looking for won’t be gotten by shaping yourself into someone else’s ideal.


You can bring many people to you but you can’t prevent anyone from going away. If you have to say goodbye, say goodbye. We have people who drift in and out of our lives. It’s sometimes great and sometimes awful. We must get used to knowing when to hang on and when to let go.


You get a unique proposal and you’ll have to have a council with some smart and familiar advisors as to what to do next. You have so much more to look forward to and this could be just the beginning you’ve been waiting for.


Your life will suddenly become a lot easier when you start dealing with the reality of the situation. You can no longer juggle the balls hoping that none of them fall. The truth really can set you free in this case. Deep down you know what the right move is but you keep denying it. Waste no more time.


You are looking forward to something great that is going to happen in the next little while, maybe the next week or month. It’s a time to regroup, rest and start anew. When life gives you lemons, make not only lemonade but also lemon sorbet. Err towards elegance.


You are off to a great start. You’re starting to see why patterns start. You’re also starting to see who you can trust and talk to and who you can’t. It might be best, while you’re making big changes, to stay away from those who pollute your psyche, at least temporarily.

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