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A Day of Beauty for Teenage Patients of Childrens Hospital:

Sixty teenage girls from all over the U.S. gathered at Pepperdine University for the 13th Annual Summer Camp Program for young women ages 12-19 with Turner Syndrome, a non-curable chromosomal condition which affects one in 2,500 women. The symptoms include short stature, swelling of the hands and feet, broad chest (shield chest), low hairline, low-set ears, increased weight, obesity and no menstrual cycle. Almost all these women are universally infertile, although some have become pregnant through modern reproductive technology.

Under the dedicated leadership of Beverly Daley, a social worker at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, the week’s activities revolved around theatre workshops, art sessions, swimming, canyon hikes and a beach party. A highlight of the week was a very exciting day of beauty at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, where these young women were treated to glamorous makeovers, which included haircuts, color and make-up, rejuvenating their appearance and lifting their sometimes dampened spirits.

According to Daley, “Many of these young women feel like they don’t fit in and had never had a girlfriend until they attended camp.” From the squeals of laughter and chatter permeating the rooms at the Sassoon Academy, it was clear that these young women connected with each other and a good time was being had by all.

For further information on diagnosis and treatment, contact Beverly Daley, PhD, 323.669.2490.

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