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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You use your intuition to solve a dilemma. But this time, something is off. When you are out of sync with your inner voice it usually means you are otherwise too occupied to be paying close enough attention. During these times you must make new rules.


It is an especially creative time for you. You’re still working on time management and keeping yourself psychically afloat. You are also exploring different big picture options. There is one task you wish you could wipe from your routine but alas, such won’t be the case for a while. You are there for a family member in need.


You are in a transitional phase from being afraid to having courage to move forward. As you take one step out of the comfort zone you will also get the jolt of freedom and independence. It’s going to be a while before you’re entirely solo but you’re getting there.


You have your thinking cap on in order to solve the problem or the riddle of a work related conundrum. If you ruminate enough on it you will find a solution. Hold back your energy and creativity for when you really need it rather than giving it away for free every day.


You discover one more secret to life, which makes you feel endlessly proud of yourself. And here you were, all this time, living with the misery before you figured it out. Time that is left behind had a purpose. We must not ever see our lives as linear.


Forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do, no matter how good your intentions are or how deep your obligation, will ultimately damage your relationship to the point where there is nothing but resentment left. When you feel that way, take a few steps back.


You feel a little pushing in a different direction where matters of the heart are concerned. Were not always going to be hot and heavy for the one we’ve been with forever. The point is not to break the trust. Believe in your own strength.


Perspective is a wonderful thing. You can look at the same thing every day of your life and it will look exactly the same. But on a day this week things or a thing will look so different to you it will make deciding much easier. Your perspective has shifted ever so slightly.


It’s time to put down the worries and start living more. Time is limited and joy is hard to come by. You have to go out and get it. Keep your mind in the now. You will feel a great release once you stop agonizing about the wrongs. Stay in the moment.


You want what you can’t have. We all have to prevent ourselves from having what we want if it isn’t what we need. That is true 100 percent of the time. If you don’t need it, you don’t need it. But if you are getting something beyond a quick fix maybe it is worthwhile. Be skeptical.


You want to ask questions of someone you know knows the truth. Check your motives, though. If your motive is to reveal information you’re in the wrong place. Besides, the whole thing is probably just a passing thought that hung around long enough to be validated.


You are on the right track by taking responsibility for who you are and what your primary responsibilities are. You are riding the regret train lately, wondering what might have been if you’d only been less this or less that. You are still waiting for that moment to rise. Hang in there and don’t feel defeated.

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