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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Now things will calm down a bit after a wave of chaos. It wasn’t your fault and you shouldn’t take the blame. It was a force of nature, a bump, a ripple on an otherwise calm sea. Now the real planning begins. Shift into high gear.


You are disappointed with the way a certain situation resolved itself, or didn’t resolve itself, as the case may be. You only have so much control and you can’t solve everyone’s problems. Don’t worry; this whole thing will work itself out.


It’s becoming more impossible to make different groups of people happy. At some point you’ll have take a stand so that you aren’t pulled in too many different directions at once. Was that really going to be the last time you saw you know who?


When life becomes too ordinary you have to shake things up a little. This isn’t a necessary action but a desirable one. Magic is everywhere. You must lasso it and bring it to you. Nothing is ever going to be as hard as it was this year.


Take a different path from the you planned on. You have been relying on certain sources for information but they have their own agendas to fill. You feel disappointed with how a certain arrangement worked out. You find yourself reminiscing about the good old days.


A little generosity goes a long way. You must not neglect others in your life while doing a good deed. You must try to be sensitive to those who aren’t recipients of La Dolce Vita on a regular basis. It isn’t always going to be just about your own satisfaction.


You have that nagging feeling that if you don’t make a move you will miss out on something. It’s a good time to remember that there will always be plenty of time for you and that you don’t have to cram everything in at once. Rather, learn to appreciate the smaller moments.


Sometimes we are all running in a circle and we can’t find our way out of it. We do things certain ways and forget about the bigger problems in our lives. Time passes and we find we have to force ourselves to remember to do the important things. The crush of time makes us fall behind. Stay one step ahead.


You feel lots of frustration lately by an inability to control yourself in social situations. It’s as if you have a lot to say but have trained yourself to keep quiet. Now you can’t keep quiet. Now you want to speak. So speak. Let it rip, loud and clear.


Your stubbornness will be your downfall. You think you are on the right track but the truth is, you have to get your own ego out of the way in order to see what’s really going on. As much as it pains you, you have to listen to people who know best. You won’t regret it.


You have to work on making big changes in a less dramatic way, as opposed to making small changes in a big dramatic way. Do it right but do it quietly. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by the changes you’re making. The truth can hurt.


Your jealousy has always been a problem. Don’t begrudge people their successes or their gifts. You might always feel like you never got what you wanted or what you deserved but that is your own deal. Let others enjoy it when it comes their way. Beyond that, there is some settling on the romance front, which is exciting new.

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