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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You have been redeemed from the levels you had to stoop just to make some progress. It goes up, it goes down. You feel great, you feel horrible. It will eventually normalize, but for now it needs to bob back and forth for a while. Enjoy the waves.


You still feel frustrated with someone who refuses to lift up out of the doldrums. At the same time you get that life is hard. It can’t always be coming up roses. You get in touch with someone you haven’t heard from in ages. A new business proposition heads your way.


You are getting used to different levels in your relationships. Lovers that are now friends. Friends who will eventually be lovers. There are degrees of closeness. You must learn where your trust lies. You find something from someone from your past and are torn about what to do with it.


Serenity will intensify. What you once knew as comfort will feel irritating. You may feel restless, like you always want to move from where you are. The answer to this is rigorous physical exercise or movement. A long hike, a swim in the ocean or even a few hours at the gym.


Making progress in certain areas leaves less time for more important things. You must get your priorities straight if you’re hoping to level things out. You will get a request from someone who needs more of you. Don’t resist the power of giving. It fills you back up tenfold.


Finding some personal peace will make it a stress free week. You don’t need much time alone as it isn’t the quantity but rather the quality that will determine how you get through the more stressful times. It’s your job to make sure you spend your time wisely.


A big decision lay ahead. The balance has shifted and you can’t decide which way to fall. Conflict will arise. Your gut will eventually lead you in the right direction but your brain will protest a little and your body might also have an opinion. Trust the gut. It always knows.


How many times have you gone over the same territory and not made any new ground? You must be stopped before it gets any worse. Decide here and now to stop obsessing. It’s better to just walk away and let the chips fall than to keep stacking them back up again and placing your bet.


A great gift is yours for the taking if you can solve the mystery. It’s a matter of making contact with the right person and not turning anyone away. You are gearing up for a journey and a new direction in life. It’s an exciting time for you.


Although it’s taken you many crooked roads to get on a straight one, you are coasting now. Crooked roads are more challenging and more dangerous but not everyone drives on them. Use your unique journey as material for creating something great.


Panic has set in because you feel like you’re running out of time. Your mind is in the grips of fear. Just remember, so much of the feeling of fear is imaginary, so little of it is actually real. Your path will take you in a more politically active direction. You have something important to say so say it.


You know when you’ve had enough and when you can’t take anymore. You’re almost at the point where you can’t stand another day of the kind of life you’re living. Big changes may be afoot. Change is a good thing. Without it, life becomes far too intimidating.

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