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Euclid Apartment Complex Nominated as Landmark:

An 8-unit multi-family apartment house at 822 Euclid Street was nominated for landmark designation at the Landmarks Commission’s August 13 meeting.

The 1938 Streamline Moderne building drew praise from all the Commissioners for its design features, which include roof eaves with curves, decorative stucco banding on the elevations between the window lintels and sills on each floor and an exterior staircase with handrails that terminate in a curve to the ground.

Owner Gregory Chazanas, himself an architect, was the applicant for designation. Speaking to the Commission, he explained that when he and his wife purchased the building, “We bought it from people who did not take care of it so there is some erosion of the stairs.” But he thought it was a “wonderful-looking building” and he wanted to repair it and have it preserved via designation.

The City staff report on 822 Euclid recommended designation, but the research by PCR Associates was largely confined to an evaluation of the architecture as typifying the Streamline Moderne style, and of the architect, Frank Bivens, known for his work as a developer of Santa Monica in the 1920s and 1930s. It was noted by some Commissioners that there is cultural significance in the development of multi-unit residences and that there should be some more research done regarding 822 Euclid’s significance in that area.

Chazanas also said that he would “love to rebuild the landscape” surrounding his property, creating unity with the plantings of neighboring structures.

Commissioner Ruthann Lehrer thanked Chazanas for “bringing this treasure to our attention and for taking such good care of it.”

In other developments, the Commission continued to the September 10 meeting a discussion on the proposed demolition of 315 Palisades Avenue, a single-family house that Commissioner Lehrer called “a great model of how a Spanish Colonial can be expanded over time.” Although the house had been remodeled, with a second story added and some distinguishing features diminished as a result, the Commission wanted to know more about the building before making a decision on whether or not to proceed with demolition.

The Commission also heard reports on the progress of the potential nomination of a Historic District in the South Beach tract area (bounded by Hollister Avenue, Ocean Park Boulevard, Barnard Way and Neilson Way). Reporting for the ad hoc subcommittee formed to do outreach on the project, Nina Fresco said that a meeting had been held with some neighbors and that another meeting had been scheduled, but that more outreach needed to be done to let people know about the proposal.

Another ad hoc subcommittee was formed to look into the issue of preserving historic character when making replacements for street lamps and sidewalks.

The Commission also passed a Statement of Official Action to designate 136 Hart Avenue (a beach cottage in the South Beach tract) as a Structure of Merit.

A discussion of the proposed landmark designation of Palisades Park was postponed to the September 10 meeting.

The Commission took no action on the following proposed demolitions: 717 Euclid Street; 1140 San Vicente Boulevard; 1427 Georgina Avenue; 322 21st Street; 1067 26th Street; 342 12th Street.

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