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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


It’s a time for change. It won’t be horrible and it won’t be fabulous. But it is unavoidable. You get more out of the small stuff than the grandiose gestures. You are dealing with loss lately. Don’t hold back the tears.


There is some give and take in your life but lately you’ve been stuck with doing more than your fair share. You are doing something every day that is one day going to be the path to your fame and fortune. The funny part is, you don’t know it yet.


The path to least resistance has gotten you in the mess you’re in now. More direct action is required to bring this baby home. Sometimes you have to just jump in the pool no matter how cold the water is.


When you feel yourself over your head, get help. There is no honor in suffering in silence. And you won’t get any extra points for laying it out. You wrestle with feeling unappreciated where your personal life is concerned.


Learning to delegate frees up some of your time. Force yourself to do the hard stuff before you coast on the easy stuff. You’ll spend more of your time relaxing and less time under stress.


Doing what comes naturally works best for you. The more a certain someone tries to impose his or her will upon you the more you chafe against it. If it feels good, do it. Sometimes what feels best is saying no.


Justification will make you feel less guilty about what you have to do. If you have a right to do it there is nothing wrong, right? If only it was that simple. You are guaranteed a nice trip far, far away.


Isn’t it funny how everything somehow falls into place no matter what? Well, we used to think that, didn’t we? But now we know better. It’s better to prepared for chaos. Don’t let it ruin your life but don’t give up your control completely yet.


It’s a better world with you actively participating in it. Whatever the problem that is making you want to disconnect will dissolve soon enough. Be present and at the front of the class.


You can’t fix everyone else’s problems, as much as you wish you could. If you’re feeling resentful lately of everyone else’s success just remind yourself that we all have different trajectories we take in our lives. The grass only looks greener because you’re too far away.


You are impacted greatly by the decision someone else made. You have to clean up the mess, in other words. While that seems like the world’s worst job at this moment, in fact, it puts you in the seat of power.


You are surprised by the positive changes in your life since you’ve been forced to take more serious notice of your financial life and your health. Most mistake the fish for being too dreamy and ethereal but you will surprise everyone with your tenacity and your can-do attitude.

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