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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


On the flipside is where you’ll find it all begins to make sense. So naturally what appears to be the perfect picture is in fact the opposite of perfect. In matters of the heart, you find the world is wide open for choices and rejections.


Your opinions about the world lately have been shaped by the people with whom you argue. Debate can be a healthy thing, even though it drives you crazy. Coming together with family or friends may seem tense but in the end it will prove valuable.


You find yourself missing people you haven’t been in touch with lately but, at the same time, you find that time spent with them has been tense. Our esteem grows with time, as it will the next time you visit.


Ambition is the focus this week as you decide once and for all where you’re going and what your long-term plans are. Imagine what gets stripped away when you’re stressed out – that is expendable if you’re looking to make cuts.


Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to put things in perspective. You worry that you sometimes make sacrifices that cost too much in the long run. The admirable thing about you is that you strive to do the right thing, no matter what.


What does it cost you when you have to start letting people go? When you answer that question you will no longer fret whom you should keep around and whom to toss out. Ask yourself what are you getting out of it.


A message has been sent from an admirer. You could feel yourself wanting to be free and maybe even having a flirtation. Remember that what matters in the passionate moment is not what counts in the long run.


In another world you would be ruling the land. As it is, you’ve had to take orders and make some sacrifices to keep things running in an orderly fashion. You can take it just fine until you can’t take it anymore.


In the beginning you were making strides away from your perfectionist tendencies. Now, though, you are starting to think that perfect wasn’t so bad after all. The trouble is, it is something that can’t ever be achieved. Let go.


If you keep trying to make that odd shape fit through the hole you are always going to end up frustrated. It isn’t meant to fit and the only problem you will encounter is learning to change yourself in order to exist in harmony. It is within you.


With so much change on the horizon you are sometimes filled with fear so that you don’t even want to go out of the house. When you have nowhere else to turn ask for help from that person who has been begging you to let them in.

PISCESYou haven’t quite figured out your place. You feel in between selves, in between worlds. You have to settle but you aren’t there yet. This will lead to your creating great works but it will prevent you from finding happiness, whatever that means. It is something that comes in moments. Treasure them while they last.

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