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National Champs At Local Karate Club:

Students at California Karate Club on 7th Street recently participated in a national event held in Washington, D.C.  The club was ranked the number one school in the country.

 Other awards given at the D.C. event were as follows:

 Michael Kent, 10, brown belt – National Outstanding Recognition Award (highest award)

 Joel Jimenez, black belt – Sparring Grand Champion (National Champion)

 1st Place:

Simone Solar, brown belt; Walter Petrouchin, green belt; and Joel Jimenez, black belt.

 2nd Place:

Myria Kellewan, brown belt; Joel Jimenez, black belt and Simone Solar, brown belt. ??

 3rd Place:

Joel Perez, black belt; Michael Kent, brown belt. ??

 4th Place: ?Joel Perez, black belt; Michael Kent, brown belt.

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